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    The Best Way to Clean a Gas Cooktop

    by Reyna Thomas

    No matter how neglected or greasy it appears to be, there's still hope for your range or cooktop. We know cleaning the cooktop isn’t the most pleasant task, but having a clean kitchen is well worth it. With some of our expert tips and tricks, you can visibly restore your stove to its former glory and make it appear as good as new!


    person cleaning burner caps

    Before cleaning a gas appliance, always ensure that the surfaces are completely cool and that the control knobs are turned off. If needed, for added safety you can also turn the gas valve off.

    To begin, remove the stove grates and place them in an empty sink. Remove the knobs and burner covers if at all possible. After that, clean off any stray food particles that may have accumulated.

    Pour warm water and a drizzle of dish soap in a large bowl or container. Place the knobs and burner covers in the bowl and allow them to soak in the bowl while you work on the stovetop and grates.


    Now it’s time to tackle those grates. Place your stove grates in the sink and soak them in a concentration of dish detergent, degreaser of choice, or baking soda paste. Allow 15-20 minutes for everything to soak in the degreaser. After allowing your stove grates to marinate for a while, give them a thorough rinse with hot water to remove the majority of the grease, then scrub the grates with a nylon brush. Finally, place them on a towel to dry while you concentrate on the stovetop.

    person lifting cast iron grates


    This part may take a little time depending on how bad the grease and debris is on your stove. To get the cooktop clean apply a heavy coating of strong dish detergent to your stovetop and let it sit for a few minutes to really penetrate the oily buildup. With a scouring pad, break down any parts that are scorched or adhered to the surface. As you clean, wipe off the stovetop with a clean paper towel to remove all of the grease and grime. Depending on the extent of buildup on your stove, you may need to repeat the degreasing and scrubbing process until your paper towels come out clean and free of any oil or grit. After you've degreased and washed everything, wipe away any excess degreaser with some fresh paper towels. Reassemble after making sure everything is completely dry.

    person cleaning stovetop

    You're bound to come across a few spots where the food has been overcooked to the point where a sponge won't suffice. For these areas, you can try a nylon scrub brush, but before you start scrubbing, try your brush in a hidden location on the stove to be sure it won't scratch the surface.

    Finishing Touches

    Cleaning the knobs and burner covers is the final stage in the cleaning process. Cleaning the knobs is likely to be limited to a basic wipe down and rinse, then dry them and place them on a towel to dry. If you need to clean your burner covers with something other than soap and water, use the same steps as you did with the grates. When they are clean to your satisfaction, thoroughly dry them. Once every part of your stove is cleaned and dried, reassemble and admire the shine!

    woman wiping off gas cooktop

    Keeping your cooktop clean has numerous advantages for you, namely making it more durable. But, if you put off cleaning your gas cooking appliance and are now left with unsightly damage it might be time to say goodbye and take a look at our selection of ranges, cooktops, and rangetops. We can help you upgrade your family's cooking experience! Visit us at Leonardi Appliance or give us a call if you have any questions!