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    Remodeling Your Kitchen? Discover the 5 Benefits of a Pro-Style Range [+1 Bonus!]

    by Ann Ferguson

    If you're remodeling your kitchen, you must care a lot about what goes into it — especially the cooking appliances! And when it comes to the leading cooking powerhouse in your home, you shouldn't overlook the lure of pro-style ranges.

    A pro-style range is a range that brings the benefits and features of a commercial range that has been designed to fit standard-depth counters. And they come in a variety of styles, too.

    And while yes, pro-style ranges have a higher price tag, the benefits are more than worth the investment!

    1. High-Quality Design

    Quality pro-style range

    Pro-style ranges are built with higher-quality materials, just like a commercial range you’d find in a restaurant kitchen. So not only will these ranges last longer (up to 20 years in total!) but they’ll also perform better with higher BTU output, even heat distribution, larger oven capacities, convection cooking, indoor grills and more. Your average range will have a 12,000 BTU output max, but a pro-style range can bring the heat up to 25,000 BTUs—that’s a lot of cooking power!

    These ranges won't look used up over time, no matter how often you cook or what restaurant-quality recipes you try — everything will look as pristine as when you bought it (provided you keep it clean!). So, while these ranges are pricier, think of it as an investment that you’ll definitely see your return on.

    2. Durability

    Pro chef cooking a lot

    With that higher quality, commercial build comes increased durability. Each manufacturer designs pro-style ranges with sturdy stainless steel bodies, large knobs, and heavy-duty grates that all withstand heavy use (which explains the price tag!).

    Most manufacturers design standard ranges for light cooking, which means worrying about breaking off knobs, dinging up the cooktop, or accidentally denting the side of it. And replacing all the parts and hiring professionals to fix it can get expensive over time.

    But pro-style ranges are a different story— these are made for those who love to cook and cook often, so you don’t have to worry about constant maintenance!

    3. More Cooking Space

    Pro range with more cooking space

    Speaking of those who love to cook, you know that more burners and cooking space are always good! Pro-style ranges typically have six or more high output burners so that you can cook multiple dishes at once, no matter whether you need to simmer one or fry the other.

    Most pro-style ranges also come with at least two premium ovens that come with convection, so all your baking, roasting, or broiling comes out perfectly golden. And some pro-style ranges will even feature additional goodies like removable griddles or a built-in flat top! No more dealing with a clunky, external griddle to cook with; just leave it to your range!

    So, if you ever need to broil, sear, sauté, and bake all at the same time, you won’t come up short on space! Finally, a cooking station that suits exactly what you need — that’s more than worth those extra pennies!

    Pro Tip: Pro ranges with more cooking spaces tend to be larger than your standard 30-inch width range — make sure to measure carefully!

    4. Precise Heat Control

    Cook using precise heat

    Another great benefit of pro-style ranges is their precise heat control. Each burner is made to produce equal heat, so you can cook all you need from every burner and easily keep it at a specific temperature. No more dedicating one burner for simmering your sauces and another to do all your high-temperature frying — all you need is in every element!

    You won’t find high-quality burners like these on most standard ranges, so if precise heat is one of your main cooking needs, a pro-style range is a must!

    5. Stainless Steel

    While there are a lot of appliances with stainless steel, on a pro-style range, the steel makes them even more helpful. The stainless steel build is part of what makes them so durable — it’s even resistant to rust, fire, and heat. But one of the bigger benefits of stainless steel is that it is non-porous. That means it makes the surface easy to clean off AND keeps it bacteria-free!

    Of course, the timeless, restaurant-quality design isn’t bad either!

    6. Dual Fuel

    Another benefit of pro-style ranges is the availability of dual fuel models. While you can find standard ranges with dual fuel, you might not be able to find the right size or the cooking space you want as you could with a pro range.

    And since you’ll want the best out of your cooking station, dual fuel is just what you need to combine the responsive control of gas burners and the consistent baking results of an electric oven. So, if you’re thinking maybe you can pass on the dual fuel to save on your budget — don’t! The professional-level cooking and drool-worthy results is more than worth it!

    Remodel Your Kitchen Right

    Plan of remodel with range

    So, if you're looking for the best cooking range for your kitchen remodel, don't overlook pro-style ranges — they might be the perfect fit for you! And if you're at the right time to select your cooking appliances during your kitchen remodel, then Leonardi Appliance is the place to go! We have plenty of options that can fit your budget!

    Our expert team will help you create the kitchen you've been dreaming about all this time. And if you have any questions, please give us a call or stop by!