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Solid vs Liquid Detergent

by Product Specialist


There is a compelling argument for both liquid and powder detergents, depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences. Before you dismiss one or the other, consider some of the unique features of each to determine the best choice for your needs and priorities.

Consider the comparisons between liquid and powder detergents in some key areas:


There are some distinct differences between liquid and powder detergent when it comes to performance. Liquids dissolve easier in all temperatures, while energy-efficient machines and cooler temperatures may not dissolve powder detergents as effectively. Liquids produce more suds than powders, typically, which may provide an argument for their superior performance.


Rather than the actual cost of the detergent, consider the amount of detergent needed to wash a load. Consumers have a tendency to use more than is needed when adding detergent to their laundry, especially when using liquids. Powder detergent may actually cost a bit less, as a result of this.


Powder detergents have a longer shelf life than liquid variations, so it may be more convenient to stock up on powders when they go on sale to use in the future. Powders are less messy when trying to measure or use detergent during laundry chores.

The Environment

Since liquid detergents produce more suds, these products may cause issues in the ecosystem. The water that is discarded into your septic system after washing laundry can add the detergent, chemicals, and even toxins into the water supplies around your region. Whether using powder or liquid, the type of detergent used doesn't impact the amount of energy needed for the load unless you are using a high-efficiency machine; in these instances, you should only use detergent recommended for high-efficiency washers.

When considering the environmental impact, powder may be the more viable option for you. If you are strictly looking for a detergent that performs the best, you may lean toward liquid. Read labels to ensure you are using the right type of detergent recommended for your machine, particularly when using a water-saving or energy-efficient washing machine.