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    Unexpectedly Different Ways to Use Dryer Sheets

    by Product Specialist

    Unexpectedly Different Ways to Use Dryer Sheets

    Dryer sheets only have one use, right? You toss them in with your laundry, and they impart a wonderful, fresh smell to all the clothes as they dry, and the clothes lack that nasty static cling when they come out. Right? Well, not quite - for the person who thinks outside the box, dryer sheets can be used in several other ways around the house to make life easier. Here are just a few of those other uses, but you can probably come up with several of your own as well, if you give it some thought.

    Shoe Deodorizer
    You can stick a sheet into sneakers or other shoes which typically absorb foot sweat, to give them a more tolerable fragrance

    Hanging one or more sheets inside your air conditioner can trap the pollutants inside your home

    Screen Cleaner
    Dry cleaner sheets make good cleaners for your flat screen TV, or your computer monitors

    Lint Collector
    When you need to extract lint from hats, pants, sweaters, tops, or other articles of clothing, a single sheet will do wonders

    Sink Cleaner
    Dryer sheets make good cleaners for sinks, counter tops, and other kitchen surfaces, since they trap particles in their fibers

    Pet Hair Removal
    Wherever in the house you have pet hair, use a sheet or two to remove it- for instance, on rugs, sofas, chairs, etc.

    Insect Repellent
    The insect-repelling properties of dryer sheets make them ideal for placing anywhere around the house where bugs might be a problem

    Next time you're dusting off furniture, attach a dryer sheet to the tip of your duster, and let it attract all the dust particles and bunnies

    Glass Cleaner
    A few swipes with a dryer sheet will clean off most glass surfaces around the house, especially windows and doors.