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    Small Appliances, Big Impact: A Guide to Compact Appliances

    by Pam Silvia

    While your living space may limit the size of your appliances, your dreams should not be bound by your home’s square footage. Thankfully, with small appliances, you can still reap the benefits of tech-forward innovations, including streamlined meal preparation and efficient laundry solutions. Our catalog is brimming with family-trusted brands so you can outfit your kitchen and laundry spaces with the best home appliances — big or small.

    Check out our dimensions guide to unlock the world of possibilities.

    view of kitchen with small appliances

    Compact Refrigerators

    A small living space usually implies fewer mouths to feed, in which case, a small-capacity refrigerator might be the most practical purchase for your needs and budget. Each adult typically requires at least four cubic feet of storage while a family of four is said to need at least 20 cubic feet, which is only slightly above the limit for a small-capacity refrigerator, which is approximately 18 cubic feet. Refrigerators with 19 cubic feet of capacity are usually about 30 inches wide.

    In terms of configurations, top-freezer and bottom-freezer refrigerators offer less storage space than their French door and side-by-side counterparts.

    Take Note:

    • Compact top-freezer refrigerators are available in storage capacities between 6 and 21 cubic feet.
    • Compact bottom-freezer refrigerators offer between 6 and 19 cubic feet of volume. Compared to top-freezer models, small-capacity bottom-freezer fridges can be slimmer — between 22 and 30 inches wide.
    • Compact refrigerators (i.e., mini fridges) typically offer between 2 to 11 cubic feet, making them a budget-friendly solution for one-person households.

    Compact Ranges and Cooktops

    woman cooking in the kitchen with electric range

    Kitchen ranges combine two appliances in one, so they are considered a space-saving appliance for most homes. Across gas and electric options, most standard ranges are around 30 inches wide. With that in mind, the width for compact ranges is between 20 and 24 inches for electric ranges and around 24 inches for gas ranges.

    That said, if you still prefer having a separately installed cooktop instead of a range stove, two-burner (gas) or two-element cooktops (electric) are between 12 and 21 inches.

    Compact Wall Ovens

    If you choose to invest in a cooktop, then you will need a separately installed oven. But if you’re looking for a real space saver, we would like to turn your attention toward a microwave wall oven combo. This appliance keeps two culinary titans in one station, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing precious counter space. That said, compact options are evaluated at around 27 inches of width (or slimmer).

    Compact Dishwashers

    man putting coffee mugs in dishwasher

    While having a dishwasher may seem like a luxury, we believe everyone is deserving of convenience. By saving you time, labor, and costs on your water bill, dishwashers (even small ones) make a big difference. As you shop, you’ll notice that compact models are usually no more than 18 inches wide.

    Compact Washers and Dryers

    There are a couple of options here. You can score a washer dryer combo so that you can conquer laundry day with fewer steps. To that end, there are washer dryer combos with capacities as small as 2.3 cubic feet.

    The second option is to spring for a stacked laundry unit that can save you floor space. Washers in these units host around 3.9 cubic feet of volume while the dryer drum offers about 5.5 cubic feet of space.

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